2.- Sal a las calles el 22 / 2.- TAKE THE STREETS ON THE 22nd

Ayuda a traducir este texto al inglés😉

El día 22 se organizan movilizaciones en todo el país, queda poco tiempo para articularnos pero podemos hacerlo ;) 

Si puedes organizar una marcha o acto de protesta recuerda llevar carteles o mantas que cuenten lo que pasa en México, te puedes inspirar en los mensajes del a tormenta del día anterior y convertirlos con tus manos en pancartas que todo el mundo verá.

Todos los actos son pacíficos.


Se realizará una marcha que partirá a las 18:00 de Chapultepec y Vallarta rumbo al edificio de Televisa-Radio (Av.Lopez Mateos y Av.México)

VÍDEO: Convocatoria #MarchaContraElSilencio 22 abril 18hrs Guadalajara.

Evento en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/307985566020342/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Si sabes de alguna otra acción compártela en los comentarios.




Mobilizations are being organised throughout the country for April 22. There is little time to organise ourselves but we can do it😉


If you can organise a march or protest, remember to take posters or blankets that tell what happens in Mexico; you can be inspired by messages from the storm of the day before and turn them with your own hands into banners that everyone will see.

All events are peaceful.


Mexico City: From the Angel of Independence to the Senate at 19:00. Why that time? There is a webcam at the Angel with green lights as lamps or lasers to form a human hashtag. When we reach the Senate we will do a pot banging to make noise and we will protestand will stick all the posters on the Senate fences. Videos of the previous storm will be projected on the walls of the compound.

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/240713232798866/240714169465439/

Guadalajara: A march will depart at 18:00 from Chapultepec and Vallarta towards the Televisa-Radio building

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/307985566020342/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
If you know of any other action, share it in the comments.

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